Sunday, June 5, 2011

1861: Warren County Men Join the 7th NJ Regiment

After the first call for three-months volunteer soldiers had been filled by the end of April 1861, many Warren County men joined Warren County militia units while others had joined out-of-state units or signed up for three-year enlistments  in the 1st NJ Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 2nd NJ Volunteer Infantry Regiment or 3rd NJ Volunteer Infantry Regiment in May 1861.

When more three-year units were created by New Jersey, more of Warren County's men enlisted.  In August 1861, the 7th NJ Volunteer Infantry Regiment was created.  A number of Belvidere men joined Company E along with a few men from Phillipsburg, Greenwich, Harmony and Oxford/White Townships.

Belvidere men who joined Company E, 7th NJV Regiment were: William Crutz, William Fisher, Andrew I. Hayes, John W. Kinney, David Prall, John Rierdon, David Rockafellow, James Roseberry, Alfred Rosell, George P. Sanders, Nelson W. Schuyler, Aaron Watson Smith, David Sutton, John E. Swayze, Abram B. Swisher, John J. VanAllen, and Joseph Williams.

Enlisting from Phillipsburg were: Philip V. Clark, Marcus Dingler, Henry Engle, Edward Gephart, Philip Lawton, Godfrey Lutz, William W. Mutchler, Samuel Petit, William H. Prall, Edward H. Seagraves, George Seagraves, James Stull, John G. Tolmie, Jr., William H. Tolmie, Martin W. Wilson, and William W. Young.

Other enlistees were: Frederick Koch and William Vreeland from Greenwich Township; Robert Dalrymple from Harmony Township; James McKeever from Oxford/White Township; and other county residents: Thomas Buss, Edward Crosby, Joel Grant, John S. Gulick, Calvin J. Osmun, James Shewell, and Thomas Walraven.

Some Warren County men enlisted in other companies within the 7th NJV Regiment: Company C: George W. Smith, of Belvidere; Ira L. Hann, of Hope Township;  and George H. Millen, of Phillipsburg; Company F: Edward Dingler, of Phillipsburg; Company G: Thomas Fagan and James Hudson Tiffany, of Phillipsburg; Company H: Anthony Heminover, of Belvidere; Company I: Stephen S. Foster, of Frelinghuysen Township; Company K: James Babbitt, of Belvidere; and 7th Regiment Field Hospital: Robert Mosson, of Asbury.

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