Saturday, September 10, 2011

September 1861: Warren County Men Join the 8th NJ Infantry

In August and September 1861, the majority of the Musconetcong Rifles Company enlisted in the 8th NJ Volunteer Infantry Regiment - making up a large part of Company H.  More than 100 men reportedly enlisted in the 8th NJ from the Musconetcong Rifles. The following list is of the early members of the group to join the regiment. 

Company H: from Asbury and South Asbury - Moses Benward, Samuel Berry, William Berry, John M. Britton, John W. DeHart, George Garrison, John H. Gustus, Sylvester Heath, William Heath, Edward Hicks, Elias Hoffman, Captain George Hoffman, Morris Hoffman, Andrew J. Hoppock, John R. Howard, Robert W. Johnson, Valentine H. Lockwood, Lieutenant Frederick Longer [Lunger], Henry B. Longer, Amos Lunger, William R. Lunger, James McClary, William McClary, William McCrea, Edward Miller, Henry L. Miller, Robert S. Millham, Charles O'Hara, Andrew Palardy, William Petty, Alexander Philips, Thomas Kennedy Riddle, Edwin H. Sheldon, Michael Silverstone, Martin V. Smith, Joseph Thomas, Christopher Vanacker, William P. Weller, and Ervin Wilson; William J. Donelly and Jonas W. Longenheuer [Longenour], of Musconetcong; John B. Stewart, of Greenwich Township; Isaac S. Thatcher, of Still Valley; William Transue, of Hackettstown; Jacob S. Unangst, of Finesville; Alexander Cook and Philip Cook, of New Village; Joseph Scott Drake, John Carling, and Lawrence Cravat, of Andersontown; William Bowlby and Henry H. Musselman, of Washington; Lewis T. Brant, Edward L. Hight, Ervin James Lake, and Calvin W. Rugg, of Phillipsburg; and John Edenger and William S. Steinmetz.

Company B: Byron A. Hedden and Theodore Hedden, of Washington; Company C: Aaron Henderson, of Oxford Furnace, and John D. Ketcham, of Karrsville; Company D: Henry F. Ward and Captain William Deemer, of Carpentersville (October 1861), and Stephen Vanatta, of Phillipsburg; and Company K: Grantum Peter Oblinger, of Belvidere.

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