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June 1862: Robert McAllister & the 11th NJ Infantry Regt.

In June 1862, Colonel Robert McAllister, of Oxford Furnace, in the 1st NJ Volunteer Infantry Regiment, was given command of the newly created 11th NJ Volunteer Infantry Regiment. A recruitment campaign took place between June and September 1862.

Warren County men who joined Col. McAllister's staff were: Major Valentine Mutchler, of Phillipsburg; Reverend Frederick Knighton, Chaplain, of Belvidere; Dr. Edward B. Byington, Assistant Surgeon, and Dr. George T. Ribble, Hospital Steward, both of Belvidere;  and Adjutant John Schoonover, of Oxford Furnace.

The following Warren County men enlisted in the 11th NJ Volunteer Infantry:

Company A: Lieutenant Andrew Hiram Ackerman, Joseph Ackerman, Jacob H. Sapp, and William Sapp, of Belvidere; and William H. Weaver, of Washington;

Company B: Samuel W. Freeman and Samuel S. Myers, of Phillipsburg;

Company C: Valentine Fox, of Belvidere; and Joseph Martin, of Stewartsville;

Company D: Charles Bates, Michael Best, Philip C. Cyphers, George Davis, William Furman, Hiram Gross, Lieutenant Edward T. Kennedy, Edward Nelson, and Roderick B. Nelson, of Belvidere; Corporal Isaiah N. Albertson, of Hope; and George C. Riddle, of Hazen;

Company E: Jacob Egerter, of Asbury; Stephen Leffler, of Hackettstown; James P. Myers, of Greenwich Township; and Lambert Sharp, of Phillipsburg;

Company F: Corporal Lanson Solsberry, of  Washington;

Company H: Joseph R. Mackey, of Oxford Township [now White Township]; and George Hoffman, of Washington;

Company I: Corporal Jonathan R. Fitzer, Cornelius G. Sellers, and Sergeant John H. Smith, of Belvidere; Lemuel Cole, of Oxford Township [now White Township]; and William M. Voorhees, of Montana [Harmony Township]; and

Company K: Corporal John H. Jackson, of Belvidere.

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