Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 1862: Lt. J.C. Wiggins at Malvern Hill, Virginia

The Army of the Potomac left Frazier's Farm, Virginia after the June 30th battle, but the Confederate troops attacked again on July 1, 1862 at Malvern Hill, Va.  Second Lieutenant John C. Wiggins, of Belvidere, was promoted to First Lieutenant of Company F, 3rd NJ Volunteer Infantry Regiment on July 1 after the battle. 

Lt. Wiggins wrote, to The Belvidere Intelligencer, "On Tuesday, they attacked us again at Malvin's Hill [sic], which has been our last fight.  Here we had another terrible engagement.  We again held the field, and the rebels dared follow us no further; we had reached the banks of the James [River], our gunboats were there, and they dared not come within their dreaded range.  The Irish Brigade at Savage Station and Malvin's Hill again covered themselves with glory, charging the enemy with the bayonet and driving him back. 

"The last few days of service have been the most severe I ever experienced.  From Thursday noon 'till the next Wednesday night, I never touched a particle of food but a few dry biscuit - no coffee, no meat or anything else; nor in all that time did I have four hours sleep."

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