Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 24, 1862:Isaiah N. Albertson's Letter to His Mother

On July 24, 1862, Corporal Isaiah Nelson Albertson, of Hope, was still in Camp Perrine, near Trenton, NJ, with his men of Company D, 11th NJ Volunteer Infantry Regiment.  On that day, he wrote a letter to his mother.

"Dear Mother: I thought I would write to you while I am writing as I have not forgotten you nor I never shall.  I hope you are well and don't have to work to harde [sic].  Do not be uneasy about me as I am doing well enough now, but I can't say for the future.  They are raising all the men that they can get and talk about drafting, but I think that is to make [us] hurry to volunteer.  Mother, when you write tell me about things at home if it is not anything very particular.  The man that was shot here is getting some better.  The ball was taken out, it was in his left shoulder.  I suppose you have plenty of young potatoes at home.  Well we have plenty of old ones here.  The cars and steam boats are running almost all of the time past here.  The other day there went an iron clad gunboat up here toward New York.  It had on board two brass cannon that we could see.

"We have had no preaching here since I came back but we can go to town.  We was down to the Baptist Church a week ago last Sunday and we heard a good Union sermon especially for the soldiers and last Sunday night we went to the Methodist Church, a very nice one two [sic].  I am getting tired of writing.  I guess I will stop.  Yours Affectionately, Nels."

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