Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 1862: New Market: First Skirmish of 11th PA Cavalry, Co. I

On January 23, 1862, Jacob P. Wright, of Belvidere, wrote to Franklin Pierce Sellers, editor/publisher of The Belvidere Intelligencer to report on the first skirmish of the "New Jersey Company" of the 11th PA Volunteer Cavalry Regiment.  

Wright stated, "Friend Sellers: I write to say that the Belvidere boys are all well and in fighting order.  We went out the other day to New Market Bridge [Virginia] to see what we could see.  The first thing that drew our attention was some secesh cavalry, about fifty in number.  We made a charge on them, and they on us, but when they saw that we were too strong for them, they went back all standing; but we still went a mile further and crossed the bridge.  

"After going about a half a mile, we saw a company of infantry.  We took after them, but we soon discovered that they were our pickets, and we turned back.  It is raining today or we would be out.   Yours, J. P. Wright, of Belvidere."

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