Saturday, January 14, 2012

January 1862: Seeking Recruits in Warren County

By the middle of January 1862, Lieutenant Anthony A. Heminover, of Belvidere, in Company H, 7th NJ Volunteer Infantry, was back in Belvidere seeking new recruits.  Lt. Heminover was the son of William H. Heminover, owner/editor of the Warren Journal from 1853 to 1856.  Anthony Heminover had enlisted in the 7th NJV Regiment as a Commissary Sergeant on September 13, 1861.  He was promoted to first lieutenant of Company H on November 25, 1861. [He was discharged on May 12, 1862.]

Heminover set up a temporary recruiting office in the Warren House on Front Street in Belvidere.  Heminover's recruiting advertisement stated, "VOLUNTEERS WANTED. Able-bodied, active young men wanted for the New Jersey Regiments, to serve for three years, unless sooner discharged.  Pay, board, clothing, and medical attendance furnished from the date of enlistment.  All persons enlisting with me will receive the State Pay of Six Dollars to married men, and Four Dollars to single men.  Apply at the recruiting rendezvous, Warren House, Belvidere, to A. A. Heminover, Recruiting Officer, 1st Lieutenant, Co. H, 7th Reg., N.J.V." 

On January 17, 1862, the Warren Journal announced, "It is that there is in contemplation the organizing of a grand division of the Army of the Potomac, to be comprised of Irishmen, twelve to fifteen thousand in number, with General [Thomas Francis] Meagher; Colonel [James A.] Mulligan [23rd Illinois Infantry Regt.], of Lexington fame; Colonel [Thomas] Cass, of the Ninth Massachusetts regiment; and Colonel [Michael] Corcoran [69th New York Irish Regt.], when he returns from captivity, as the Brigadiers.  General [James] Shields is to be the Major General. "

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