Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 4, 1862: 9th NJ Regiment leaves Meridian Hill

On January 4, 1862, Captain Joseph Henry, of Oxford Furnace, received orders that Warren County's Company H and the rest of the 9th NJ Volunteer Infantry Regiment would break camp, move out of Meridian Hill, Virginia  and board a train for Annapolis, Maryland. 

Once in Annapolis, the "Jersey 9th" boarded transport ships to join General Ambrose Burnside's expedition to Roanoke Island, North Carolina.  The 9th NJ Regiment was  attached to the brigade of Brigadier General Jesse L. Reno.  From Annapolis the regiment steamed to Fortress Monroe, VA on January 10.  The regiment would leave Fortress Monroe on January 12 heading for the Hatteras Inlet.

On this fateful trip, the "Jersey 9th" lost its commander, Colonel Joseph W. Allen, and regimental surgeon, Dr. Frederick Weller.  [Some first-hand accounts of the voyage will be coming in another installment.]

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