Thursday, January 9, 2014

October 25, 1863: David V. France's Letter

On October 25, 1863, David V. France, age 54, of Blairstown wrote to his wife Susan from the camp of the 35th NJ Zouaves outside of Washington, D.C.  France enlisted in the 35th NJ Volunteer Infantry Regiment on September 10, 1863.  Only a portion of France's letter exists and was loaned to us by France's descendants Terrence and James Lee. 

France wrote,"Dear Wife,  I am in middling good health considering what I have passed through.  We left our camp in Flemington [NJ] last Monday morning and We dismounted in Philadelphia of that day and we suppered in that city..."  France described the regiment's new campsite," fences nor timber any where near, and the land is of a muddy clay. We have had a 2 days rain and its all a quagmire in our camp this morning.  I have slept in wet clothing and blankets & have taken a heavy cold again.  But I am still able for duty yet..."

The old soldier was wounded in action on May 13, 1864 at Resaca, Georgia. He died in a field hospital at Resaca on May 23, 1864.

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