Wednesday, January 8, 2014

September 1863: Warren County Men Join the 35th NJ Zouaves

In August and September 1863, New Jersey created its second Zouave infantry regiment, the 35th NJ Volunteer Infantry Regiment.  Warren County men who enlisted in the 35th NJ Zouaves in 1863 were:

Company A: William F. Gordon, of Phillipsburg;

Company B: William H. Green, of Phillipsburg;

Company C: Daniel M. Miller, of Harmony;

Company D: David V. France, James C. France, George B. Kirkhuff, and Jacob Kise, of Blairstown, and 1st Lieutenant David Pierson, of Washington;

Company E: Levi M. Babcock, of Hope; Theodore Case and James Gould, of Oxford; John G. Schrumpf and Abraham C. Voorhees, of Independence Township; wagoner W. H. VanKirk, of Columbia (Knowlton Township); and Jesse Fravel and William F. Randolph, of Belvidere;

Company H: Joseph J. Miller, of Phillipsburg, and Peter G. Garrison, of Hope;

Company I: Henry Bercaw and Sergeant Frederick Kramer, of Phillipsburg;

Company K: David Kreiger, of Independence Township.

In addition to wearing a gray and blue Zouave uniform, the 35th was distinguished by its weapons late in 1864.  In November 1864, the 35th NJ Zouaves were authorized to purchase Henry repeating rifles for its soldiers.  Soldiers could purchase their own  16-shot Henry rifles and the US Government would pay them rent of $2.50 per month plus $25 at the end of their service. 

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