Thursday, January 9, 2014

September 30, 1863: Isaiah Albertson's Letter From Hospital

On September 30, 1863, Corporal Isaiah Nelson Albertson, of Hope, was still recuperating from his leg wound at Tilton Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware.  He was wounded during the battle at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in July. 

He wrote to his family, "...As for news, that is scarce, although Major Anderson was in here to see us last week. I think he looks some like his picture, his head sprinkled with gray hairs, and I imagine that he looks like Domaine Reilezer, is a very pleasant looking and I believe a good kind of man, but his head is affected and he is not fit for service. 

"I was just out to the Methodist Church last Sunday morning.  The house was full and there was good singing from one corner to the other.  Twenty-five more patients arrived here night before last from Washington.  They say the Twelveth [Twelfth] Army Corps has gone and the Third and Second are going to reinforce [General William S.] Rosencrans at Chattanooga.  There must be something going on as they generally clear out the Hospitals before a battle..."

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